Novo Cinema in Dubai

Novo Cinema in Dubai

Going to the cinema is a time honoured tradition that’s been taking place since, well, the invention of cinema.  We all love going to watch the latest and greatest international blockbuster that’s been promoted and teased for what feels like years before we can finally sit down, get some popcorn and indulge ourselves.

Here in Dubai, it’s no different.  You’ve got a choice of three major cinema providers in Dubai, which are Reel Cinemas, Vox Cinemas and Novo Cinema.  We’re going to talk about Novo Cinema here so you can make the most informed decision of where you want to park your behind for whatever is the next big bestselling movie.

Novo Cinemas

Novo Cinemas operates in the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain but are headquartered right here in Dubai.  Relaunched in 2014 under the name Novo from its previous name, Grand Cinemas, Novo now has locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Bahrain and Qatar.

Novo, under its previous name, Grand Cinemas, was the very first cinema to open up an IMAX screen in the entire Middle East inside the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai.

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Viewing Experiences

Luckily for you, there are plenty of varied viewing experiences at Novo Cinemas ranging from a standard ticket all the way up to the mega luxurious 7 star experience.

Standard 2D Cinema Experience
Your standard 2D cinema ticket will cost you 35 AED (£7) and will give you access to a comfortable seat with a perfect viewing experience.

Novo Cinemas IMAX Experience
A Novo Cinemas IMAX Ticket will cost around 60 AED (£12.50) and will give you access to a relaxing and comfortable chair for your viewing pleasure, crystal clear audio with the IMAX signature sounds, a clarity of image that is impossible to beat and the most realistic and immersive viewing experience thanks to IMAX’s dual projector system and professional remastering.

Novo Cinemas 3D Experience
A Novo Cinemas 3D experience ticket will cost around 50 AED (£10) and will let you get completely immersed in the film with great seats, high quality 3D glasses, amazing audio visual effects and the best 3D technology available.

Novo Cinemas MX4D Experience
Novo MX4D will give you a total sensory experience with the built-in motion effects of your 4D cinema seat, some of the best in-cinema special effects around and the latest technology designed to make you feel like you’re part of the action.

Novo Cinemas 7 Star Experience
Enjoy Novo Cinema’s 7 Star Experience when you really want to feel luxury, with a ticket price of 180 AED (£37) you’ll be given access to Novo’s premium experience.  You’ll have the most luxurious seating available with a premium reclining chair, a gourmet dining experience delivered to your seat via an in-seat iPad, delivered by your own butler, a VIP lounge to relax in before the film and, of course, the signature Novo technology making the screen and sound amazing.

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Novo Cinema is, as previously mentioned, in the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain.

The UAE locations are as follows:

  • Dubai – Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Dubai – Dubai Festival City
  • Dubai – Al Ghurair Centre Galleria (Grand Hyatt)
  • Dubai – Dragon Mart 2
  • Abu Dhabi – The Mall of the World Center
  • Abu Dhabi – Bawabat Al Sharq Mall
  • Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi Mall
  • Ras Al-Khaimah – Manar Mall
  • Sharjah – Buhairah Centre
  • Sharjah – Mega Mall
  • Sharjah – Sahara Center

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